Asset Management Services

Managing assets with  spreadsheet is more common than you think. When your company is small, it can (sort of) work for a while, but as you grow, things get messy, fast. GSEIT works together to track physical assets, software licenses, accessories and consumables — all in one place. Creating reports for you at any particular time. Any business asset that needs to be tracked its tagged and logged.
Depreciation and asset reports are available, we can produce custom reports. Finance Departments love working with us because we help streamline the process of keeping track of tangibles and more. Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location.

  • Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location
  • Asset Models let you group common features
  • Require User Acceptance (End-User EULAs/Terms of Service) on Checkout (Signed Forms when assets are picked up or delivered)
  • Email alerts for expiring warranties and licenses
  • Integrates with most handheld barcode scanners and QR code reader apps
  • 100% Customizable
  • Easily import and export assets
  • Generate QR code labels for easy mobile access and labels
  • Assets marked as requestable can be requested by a user
  • Assets retain full history including checkouts, checkins and maintenanceFeel free to reach out to us to assist you with this service! We can promise you it will make your life easier!

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