Data Recovery and Computer Forensic Services

It is important to understand that Computer Forensics is not just looking around in a computer.There are very specific protocols for recovering, preserving and analyzing the data as evidence. Certain data may need to be recovered due to the fact that it was
purposely destroyed.

In addition, there are data files that are created during normal operation of the operating system or of an application program that individuals usually don’t realize exist. These intricacies require an expert.

Proper handling techniques preserves data from websites, computer files, fax machines, emails, etc. Even above average computer consultants will most likely miss evidence or cause evidence to be destroyed resulting in inadmissibility of the material in a legal proceeding. Training as a systems administrator or systems engineer without a background in evidence and procedure is generally inadequate.

No one is an expert in all types of computers. If a computer system is not in our area of expertise, we will locate the correct specialist. Then as project managers, we will supervise the entire process to ensure that industry standards and evidentiary requirements are maintained.

We are capable of managing large projects with multiple disciplines. After the data is assembled and presented in a meaningful manner. We have provided expert witness testimony for both plaintiffs and defendants in court and arbitration cases. We have experience in Insurance, Civil Corporate and Criminal cases.


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