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Print Management, Accounting, Client Billing

This service has been developed over ten years to help organizations wanting to save money on excess printing. It’s now in use in over 50,000 organizations across 100+ countries.

Great Scott Enterprises offers this service to help companies accomplish the following:

Save Paper
Save paper by promoting responsible use… Therefore saving you and your business Money.

Track Printing
Provide detailed logs with who, what, when and where print jobs took place.

Quota Printing
Assign reasonable limits on user printing.

Google Cloud Printing
Manage printing from mobile devices. (iOS, Android, Chromebooks, etc)

Customize reports to meet your needs.

Manage Printing
Load balancing, alerts, toner levels, and much more.

Control Copiers
Account for walk-up / off the glass photocopying.

Manage Wireless Printing
Manage wireless and unauthenticated printing from user-owned devices.
Take control of your expenses from paper, toner levels, users. Charge back your clients which is perfect for Law Firms, Schools and Government Agencies.

Compatible with the following platforms