We offer exceptional Managed Services & Managed Security Services to businesses of any size. We offer IT consulting, repair services, equipment sales & 24/7 Technical Support! We service Southern Arizona as well for Phoenix & Scottsdale areas. We understand how emergencies come up and you need someone to be on-site for you and your business as soon as possible. We service all types of business, from a small 3 computer network, 20 computer networks to large 100+ networks, with satellite offices within your city limits or out of state.

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Replacing a server can be a tricky operation. Many companies find themselves trapped with antiquated technology and no clear path to move their data to newer systems. That is where GSEIT™ Computer Network Migration Services come in to provide the solutions you are looking for.

The staff at GSEIT™ are experts at planning and executing network migrations. We are careful to make sure to create a strategic plan to minimize downtime and ensure that your new server meets your business needs. We migrate networks from Microsoft Windows to Mac and vice-versa.
We are experts when implementing Virtualization solutions, using VMware tools and much more. Hybrid Networks are our specialty as well.

Here is what you get when you sign up for our services:

1. Patch Management
2. Antivirus for your entire network
3. Server Backups
4. Workstation Monitoring
5. Discounted services like Secure email, spam filtering, and much more.